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Professional Athletes

Working with professional athletes

Being a professional athlete takes a lifetime of dedication and sacrifice. Countless hours spending perfecting skills, improving every single aspect of once profession, recovery, being precise about once nutrition and after all, one may leave itself wondering if they have some time left to enjoy the simple things in life. Here in Grand Arctic Hotel we work with professionals to make their lives easier and take the burden of their shoulders, so they could enjoy more time to their own and focus on one and most important - becoming better!

Överkalix has a subarctic climate with significant temperature differences between the warm short summers and the long and cold winters. Its inland position close to sea level ensures Överkalix is more prone to heatwaves than other areas of Norrbotten. Its July temperatures are also due to the perpetual daylight due to its position just below the arctic circle. This results in July days being warmer on average than other European cities as far south as Manchester and Dublin in the British Isles. However, temperatures fall quickly once daylight diminishes, but winters are still less severe than other parts of the world at similar parallels due to mild North Atlantic air somewhat tempering cold extremes. The climate is quite dry for Scandinavia, with average annual precipitation being at 450 millimetres (18 in)

We have everything it takes to provide productive and successful working environment to help any athlete to reach its goals! Our location is what makes us unique. We are located 110km from the major city Luleå in the virgin lands of Northern Sweden in a little commune of Överkalix away from stress, pollution and negative effects of progressive modern world. Air with no pollution, best drinkable water in Sweden, virgin lands, breathtaking views and nature in its untouched form! 

Very developed infrastructure within hands reach that provides tools and main necessities to support most of the major sports; soccer fields, hockey ice arena, swimming pool, bike tracks, olympic cross country ski resort. Professionally educated kitchen stuff that are capable to answer to the highest nutritional demands of a professional sport. Nutritional rich locally grown foods that will help to enhance the recovery and grow strength. Within the hotels services any athlete may find additional help on their road to success. We provide unique methods of Neuro Recovery, acupuncture, massages, wood-fired sauna, contrast baths, spa and many more.

We are team of professionals and we know how to deal with one.

We got you covered.