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Canoeing on the Kalix river

Preparations for the canoeing begin near the Grand Arctic Hotel. There participants listen to detailed instructions and safety measures, after which group makes it's way to the river. Canoeing is not complicated, but does require certain skills. You will catch up easily after a little time rafting on the river.

The route proceeds through the quiet places of the river, where flowing is mean and nature is marvelous! Therefore, canoeing on the Kalix river is a pleasurable activity. At some point, we stop for a light lunch. Flavored coffee by the fire force to completely forget about the bustle of the city and problems.

Visiting Sami Ola Rokka

To learn the culture of indigenous population of northern Sweden - the Sami culture - we offer you a trip to hospitable Sami Ola Rokka.

Sami are native folk of Northern part of Europe. At this moment there are between 17 and 20 thousand Sami living in Sweden. On his farm Ola Rokka offers visitors to meet reindeer and sled with reindeer team. After riding and lunch, Ula Rokka will tell interesting stories about Sami culture.

Moose is the largest species in a deer family, a forest dweller. But on Ula Rokka’s farm these fairy animals are almost tame. You may caress and feed them.

Especially children will enjoy this trip. A visit to the elk farm will leave the best memories for life. Adults will not get less joy, because every contact with animals is an extremely positive event. Besides sightseeing the farm, guests are offered meat degustation, after which all desirous would be able to buy moose and reindeer meat.

Dog sledding in Sweden

Dog sledding - is a fascinating and unusual entertainment. It will allow you not only to have fun in the outdoors, but also to experience the most positive emotions in communicating with incredibly good sled dogs.

Those who care about the wonderful four-legged friends, can pat and take a photo with them in their free time. A great option for families with children.

Snowmobile Safari

Snowmobile trails pass through picturesque forests, lakes and rivers that have various and interesting terrains. Snowmobile safari in Sweden is also attractive because tourists get an opportunity to see a delightful natural phenomenon called "Aurora" or simply Northern Lights. This tour is both engrossing and safe.

Specific training is not required, so this tour is suitable for beginners. Before going on the route, a detailed instruction and practical training of the snowmobile handling for every participant will take place.  There is also a possibility of two persons driving the same snowmobile thus they can change each other while on route. This perfectly suits for couples and newlyweds who chose to spend their honeymoon in Grand Arctic Hotel.

Arctic Moose Farm

Moose is the largest animal of the deer family, a forest dweller, but on Rokka’s family farm these fabulous animals are quite tame. You can even pet and feed them.


Children will especially enjoy this trip. A visit to a moose farm will leave the most pleasant memories for a lifetime. Adults will get as much joy because every contact with animals is an extremely positive event. Besides the sightseeing on the farm the guests are offered meat tasting, after which those who wish would have a chance to buy moose and reindeer meat. The farm is open upon pre reservations. 


Lappberget mountain is opened to sports lovers all year round. Lightened tracks with different length are excellent both for tourists and sportsmen. Ones who prefer downhill skiing are offered a ski slope with lift.

In summer and autumn you can also try roller skis which is no less fascinating. We recommend all guests of Grand Arctic Hotel to try roller skating as well.

Snow shoes tour

Snowdrifts reach almost two meters in height in northern Sweden in winter time, that is why you have a fine opportunity to participate in hiking with snowshoes near the Overkalix town to watch polar lights.

Hotel «Grand Arctic» offers you to have a walk through snowbound places of Sweden Lapland with guide, to improve your surviving skills and to enjoy magnificient sceneries of local nature.

Heated Pool

When staying with us you have free access to the heated pool that is open daily 9 am - 8 pm during the summer season until the 23rd of August.